only bc I miss it

I have spent hours and hours and hours on this site giving you guys free, lovely GFX

all I ask is that you leave my personal customs alone (that includes both my stuff, and our customs)

that’s all


I think the people who iFiled and have been impersonating/harassing us refunded them (at least, that’s what they say). But as a precaution, if you see a tiger running around please make sure they’re in DAYor Resurgence or it isn’t  I. Anyone wearing my customs that isn’t in DAY or Resurgence stole them.


Streak 1/2 Extensions

Recolours/tiny edit of Kelsi’s lovely extension work, which you can find the URL for on the other sites page :) Go visit

Set transparency on the bodies, they change colour. Creds to Brielle for the body

lovely2 lovely3 lovely4  lovely22 lovely33 lovely44