colour changeable girl body

no wordpress I spelled colour right I’m Canadian damnit

credits to Xavier from cmxgfx, all I did was make it cc

set transparency


oh yeah and if you’re looking for some new tunes -

Turn The Page // Metallica, Jumped Right In // Dallas Smith, Wait for Me // Theory of a Deadman, Stay // Black Stone Cherry


dunno who did the original, if you know please comment so I can give credit

bodies are cc, set trans on them but not on heads

lol I’m going to see 1D with my sister in four days lmfao

ponyexre2 ponyexre1 ponyexsi2 ponyexsi1 ponyexbr2 ponyexbla2 ponyexbla1 ponyexbl1 ponyexbl2 ponyexbr1


only bc I miss it

I have spent hours and hours and hours on this site giving you guys free, lovely GFX

all I ask is that you leave my personal customs alone (that includes both my stuff, and our customs)

that’s all


I think the people who iFiled and have been impersonating/harassing us refunded them (at least, that’s what they say). But as a precaution, if you see a tiger running around please make sure they’re in DAYor Resurgence or it isn’t  I. Anyone wearing my customs that isn’t in DAY or Resurgence stole them.


Streak 1/2 Extensions

Recolours/tiny edit of Kelsi’s lovely extension work, which you can find the URL for on the other sites page :) Go visit

Set transparency on the bodies, they change colour. Creds to Brielle for the body

lovely2 lovely3 lovely4  lovely22 lovely33 lovely44