Leprechaun body

This body is colour changeable – however please note that the belt clip and suspenders do not change colour. The original comes from charmheart – she did an indexed version as well but they are indexed differently



I said goodbye one year ago today…

I bought a new computer and I was going through some old flash drives. These are personal customs I made with the intent of using for myself (or giving to male friends for their personal use). Some I used and others I did not, but you have my permission to use these heads for yourselves. I don’t know if they are finished, which are animated, or if they are colour changeable, but I hope you enjoy them as I had hoped to.

A lot has changed in my life in the past year and I have had a great time. Before graduating I participated in the school play, worked part-time, and had a role in several clubs. Most recently I have been spending time with my boyfriend and preparing to head off to university in September to study science.

Some of you may have noticed I have been present on Era a bit in the past week – I’ve been showing my boyfriend the ropes, as he’s never played Era before. I’m hoping to get him into some weapons that are better than the bra melee and the starter guns, ha ha. I may play a bit this summer in my free time and I have downloaded Gimp on my computer, so maybe GFX will be in the cards too – but no promises!

A goodbye is in order

Hey, to all of you that still visit this website:

I felt compelled to come on here and say a real and true goodbye to you all. I have not played Era since Christmas and the last time I was on my account was to just update my status. Nothing happened to make me leave, I just felt that Era was not as fun as it used to be and that it was time to move on.

For any of you that are interested, I’ve been super busy in my real life. I got a job and I’m going into my senior year of high school in September.

For most of us, this is probably goodbye. If you ever want to contact me or follow me elsewhere, you can message me or follow me on Tumblr here.

Thank you so much for all of your support. I will leave this website up so that you can always access the customs. 99% of you have been nothing but honest and wonderful and supportive and I appreciate it so much. I wish you all the very best in your lives and futures.

With lots of love,



SO. The hair itself is an edit of the ponytail extension I did (I took off the ponytail part). The body is an edit of Brielle’s work.

OKAY so here’s the deal. IK it isn’t perfect ok but if you look at the blending I did compared to without, there’s a noticeable difference. Look- The left side has without blending, the right side has it. If you open the picture and look u can see the difference.


That said, idk how popular they’ll be so I only did two for now. If you guys like them I’ll do more (they’re more work because I have to do the ombre on each individually, whereas I usually just do one and recolour it a few times)  But to make up for only doing two I made them blink :3

ombrebrbl ombrerb brown21 black21





something I’m working on a bit –

So ombre is a thing now I guess, so I’m trying to incorporate it into Era a bit

The whole deal with ombre being attractive is that it transitions into a different colour softly, instead of changing from one colour to another in like a line. If it’s all at once then that shit be lookin like dip dye.

SO. Instead of just using black extensions and changing the tips of a hair with a different colour, I’m trying to do some blending. Here’s  a preview – you can save it and open it if you wanna see that the colours change into each other a bit more softly.


STILL WORKING ON IT, might try to make the change a bit softer so be nice***


fixed ponytail bodies

ponyexbl111 ponyexbr1 ponyexre1 ponyexsi1 ponyexbla1

thanks to Root and Zala for letting me know the bodies weren’t working – one of the colours on the extensions had an opacity error and I think I fixed it. If there’s still an issue let me know, but I uploaded the blonde one to myself and it was fine. Creds to Lucy and set trans, they’re cc. The matching heads can be found on the heads with extensions page